Move-In Tips

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Move-In Tips

When moving into a rental property, there are a few guidelines to follow to help facilitate the process. Here is a list of a few objectives to keep you in line.


  • Inspect your new rental property thoroughly for any damages, which may include cracked walls or flooring, mold or mildew odors, dirty carpets, outlets not working, roach or mouse droppings, kitchen appliances, leaks, and locks on windows and doors.
  • Taking pictures or video of these damages or discrepancies within the rental property will allow for transparency between time of move in and move out.
  • The 5 main aspects when moving into a house are bathroom, bedroom, interior materials, appliances, and security. These main 5 aspects will help categorize the objectives ahead of you if anything needs repairs or documentation.
  • Copy all documents and inspection sheets to keep a record of the conditions before moving in
  • Understand the lease and the maintenance you must provide, which is discussed in the lease agreement between the tenants and the property manager.

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