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13585098_10154194125521397_1070822189810644769_oWhat we are all about: For Students, By Students. We take pride in the fact that we serve our peers.  Being students of Salisbury, it was easy to identify the shortcomings in the student rental process and experience.  It is our goal to make this process as simple, efficient, and enjoyable as possible.  With the use of cutting edge technology, we will solve many issues that students face, and make the student housing search fun again.     

Our Mission: As SU Housing Ambassadors it is our mission to ensure that we provide an exceptional experience and service when providing housing for students. We want to help find the best possible housing solution for them with the least amount of headaches throughout the process. Less time spent searching for a house means more time spent on being a college student!

We Are the Peer to Peer Housing Source You Can Trust: We see kids struggling every semester finding houses or being taken advantage of by landlords. Our team feels your pain as we have been through the same problems.  We understand the stress that can be incurred in searching for college housing or the problems dealing with landlords.  We also know that this stress does not need to be magnified by the lack of trust in the process.  Our promise to you is that we will provide you with top of the line service, a hardworking and loving team, and a simple system to make your transition into a college home easier than ever before.

Downtown and Community Engagement: As we are housing ambassadors our goal is to integrate  the students with the energy that is currently downtown. We recognize the momentum that is currently taking shape and understand the importance of attracting the Salisbury students downtown and within the community.  We will play our role by connecting the local community with the college demographic through housing, and will bring everyone together through our ever evolving and improving downtown landscape.

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